Saints of Old Florida


Within the pages of Saints of Old Florida a story of past and present is captured. The essence of this place and all that we love is shared. These coastal locales are simply home to us. Brimming with authentic spirit, warm people and natural wonders, that are nothing short of saintly.
These foundations have made their mark and the local culture in the Florida Panhandle speaks of it fluently. They are the places, things and stories we hold close and feel are pertinent to be recorded and shared.
They are the SAINTS.

Saints of Old Florida co-authors (L to R): Melissa Farrell, Emily Raffield, Christina McDermott


The heart behind Saints of Old Florida rests with three women - Melissa Farrell, Christina McDermott and Emily Raffield - who love Old Florida the same, yet with varying perspectives - three different generations, three different lives, and three truths. Meeting one another and realizing a shared passion for place, beauty and story sparked what came to be a book about our home. We’ve collaborated with many locals who love it the same and photographed scenes that share the real story, not a tourism advert or what some may think the Florida Panhandle to be. 

We want to cherish and preserve this coastal way of life in any way that we can. Our book, Saints of Old Florida, stewards that admiration and records how things are today – the essence of an area that is saintly to us. We hope you can cherish it the same or learn about a place worth appreciating.

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photography by Lean Timms